Refreshing a glossary?

Hello, Version 2.9 user here.

I have a tab-delimited text file with a glossary that I am building in real time as I translate. This file is added to my Xbench project and set to Auto-refresh, with Refresh enabled every 1 minute. I would expect Xbench to show me hits from the file as updated one minute ago, but it is not the case.

The hits Xbench is showing me come from this file, but from an old version of it, not showing changes made to the glossary many minutes ago. I have manually reloaded the project and it is still showing me the outdated translation of the term.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks…

Auto-refresh seems to work both for Xbench 2.9 and Xbench 3.0 for tab-delimited files. All you have to do is check the Auto-Refresh checkbox in the glossary settings and also set Auto-refresh every to 1 minute in Project->Properties->Settings, which I understand is already what you did.

However, you would have the behavior described if you modify the tab-delimited file but forget to save it to disk (or modify some other tab-delimited file accidentally).