How to tell if Xbench has crashed

If Xbench has crashed in the in the background would it still is CPU?
I am trying to export QA results to Excel
It is a big TMX and I am running a QA against is with a large keyterm list.
The progress bar was at about 60% when I went to bed and now it has been at around 99% for the last 4 hours.

I don’t mind leaving it running all weekend if I have to but worry I am wasting time if it has crashed in the background and not doing anything

Actually, I find out what the problem was. Xbench or Excel launched a compatibility issue window in the back but it wasn’t visible to me.
I right clicked the Windows task bar and “Cascade Windows” and was then able to accept the compatibility issue and the file was created.

If you have a huge report that you need in Excel, one workaround to speed up the process could be the following:

  1. Export the QA report to HTML.
  2. Open the HTML report in Excel.
  3. Save the file in Excel as .xlsx

This way you avoid the Excel automation, which is slow (and more prone to issues like the one you faced),

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