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Xbench Crash When I click on any menu

When I click on any menu, XBENCH will crash when I open the software, if I don’t click on the menu, it won’t exit.
Sometimes I can see two Xbench icons in the bottom right corner and feel like two programs are launched. But actually not, it will exit one very quickly.
I have tried the different version of 32 or 64 bits and have the same error from this Tuesday.
I have uninstalled and reinstall many times and it is the same result.

System: WIN10 Enterprise 1909 18363.657

not needed click, I just put the cursor in the menu area and it will crash.

I can use ctrl + N to open the Project Properties, it is normal. so it is very strange. I put the cursor in the Search, internet and QA area, it also be OK. anyway, i cannot put it in Menu area.

Could you please contact Support?

Thanks, I have been fixed it on my PC. :slight_smile:

May I know how you fixed it? Thank you~