Avoid Xbench opening a new Trados window


When I press ctrl+e in Xbench window, sometimes Xbench doesn’t switch to Trados and open the segment, but starts a new instance of Trados. Sometimes it happens several times during a project and it’s quite time-consuming. Is there any way to avoid this?

Thanks in advance!

Please make sure that you have installed the most recent version of Xbench 3.0 and the Xbench plugin for Trados Studio on your computer. The plugin for Trados Studio already supports Trados Studio 2022.

I have installed latest Xbench 3.0, Xbench plugin and Trados. Still sometimes Xbench doesn’t lead to the project currently open in Trados but starts a whole new Trados instance.

Could you please contact support to submit a bug?

I solved the problem by:

  1. Removing Trados and XBench
  2. Searching C: drive for all files and folders that had Trados in them, deleted them
  3. Reinstalling Trados and Xbench

I suspect the issue was caused by another Trados plugin. Wonder if there is a list of plugins or apps that interfere with Xbench? It would be quite useful.