After updated SDL Studio Ctrl+E does not work

Hi there,
After the latest update of SDL STudio 2021 SR2 - - the Ctrl+E shortcut only start another copy of the software.

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I face the same problem, this MUST be corrected asap.

To fix this issue, download the last public build of Xbench 3.0 from the download section.

No, this does not fix the issue. - And the “support” does not answer emails for support. Bad performance.

It has fixed the issue for me, as least as of now.

Please download and install the last public build from the Download section.

Hi there, thank you for this quick fix, no problem at all know.

I post here as I see this as a continuing or related problem using Ctrl+E in Xbench with the last version of Studio 2021. Please see the attached image. This happens when I try to use Ctrl+E a second time when there is no response the first time (Xbench do not go to the segment in question). It does not happen every time, but often and I need to close Studio to make it disappear.