Studio hangs indefinitely


I’m having an issue with Studio 2015 freeezing to death after Ctrl-E-ing a string from Xbench. This happens on a small subset of Studio projects, but it always happen in those, where it happens.

I understand this is a very broad report. :slight_smile: Please advise what information I can give to help you narrow it down.

I’m up-to-date version of Studio 2015 and XBench’s plugin.

Hi Jarosław,

Does this issue occur with really big sdlxliff files?

Does it happen only if the .sdlxliff files is not open or it does not matter that the bilingual file is open?



currently it occured in a file totalling 6k words.

It doesn’t matter if the file is open in the Translation mode, Review mode or isn’t open at all (or even if the Studio runs or is closed).

It would be great if you could submit a bug to our Contact Support page and we’ll set up a Teamviewer call to try to troubleshoot it.

Thanks. So I did.