Studio in review mode


is it expected that when files are opened in Studio in a review mode, Xbench doesn’t do jumping to the specified segment? I’m experiencing that now.

I should work as well. For example, I tried the following on Studio 2017 SR1 14.1.6284.6:

  1. Open all files of a given Studio project with Open for Review.
  2. Launch Xbench for that project.
  3. Choose Edit Source for a segment selected in Xbench.

In my case, Studio 2017 goes to the segment I selected in Xbench.

I am now working on a project in which Edit Source doesn’t work, but, contrary to my first post — neither in translation nor review mode.

This has been my experience for some time now, but I haven’t yet analyzed in consistently. But there’s one thing I suspect of being the culprit. It is a GroupShare project and I tend to think that these issues are related to that fact. I certainly didn’t have any issues with Edit Source earlier today while working on a classic Studio package.

I’ll give it a more detailed look.

I am experiencing the same issue. This is very time consuming to have to open each file manually and search for the segments. Any idea how to fix this?

@Marie-Stephanie_Prou, could you please describe your exact steps and configuration?

For example:

  • which Xbench build?
  • which Studio version and build? Is it a GroupShare project?
  • does it happen only when files are already open for review?
  • only when it is a GroupShare project?


The Xbench build is : 1410 64 bits Edition
The Studio version and build is : 2015 SR3 12.3.5281.10

Before, I was able (with all the files closed) to clic on Edit Segment and the file would open either in Translation or in Review Mode. But now it does not work anymore and it sometimes makes Studio crash. And no, it is not in GroupShare projects.

@Marie-Stephanie_Prou, did it start to happen after some recent event, such as a Trados update, some other update, or the installation of some new software?

Not that I know of…