"Edit source" no longer jumps to concerned segment in Studio 2015

When opening a segment for editing from Xbench in Studio 2015, the plugin no longer jumps to the concerned segment, it just opens the sdlxliff file.
Xbench Studio plugin: 3 build 12
Trados Studio: latest version

Weirdly, before my vacation it worked just fine. At least one more user in our company is concerned with the same problem.

If after choosing Edit Source, once in the Studio editor you press the right or left arrow does the right segment appear?

For larger files, there seems to be a bug in the Studio API that selects the segment but does not scroll down to show the right segment when you open the file for the first time.

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, pressing the right or left arrow doesn’t make a difference. If a document is opened for the first time, the first translation unit is selected, and if a document is already open, the currently selected TU remains selected.

The issue occurs in small files with just a handful of TUs as well as in bigger files.

@Raphael_Toussaint, do you recall any recent changes, such as installing another Studio plugin or any other software in the system? In particular, is the Xbench Agent checkbox enabled in SDL Trados Studio->Add-ins->Plug-Ins? Are there any plugins that you can try disabling there and check if the issue persists?

I have currently only one other Studio app which I deactivated, but to no avail. To my knowledge, no new software was installed.

I’ll give a re-installation of Studio a try next.

There is some software that can intercept communications among Xbench and the Xbench plugin.

For example, if you have a service running called HP Support Solutions Framework Service in your Windows Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services, it is installed in a way that prevents any other applications from communicating. That service installs with some HP printers and the workaround would be to stop the service.

Any other service with the same bug (i.e. service written in such a way that takes over all WCF communications), could interfere with the Xbench plugin.

Thanks for that trail, but there are no HP devices used at our company and no HP software is installed.
Would you by any chance know of any other specific services using/hijacking the WCF that we could look for or any other software likely causing the issue.

Reinstalling Studio didn’t solve the issue neither, by the way.

We really need to solve this problem since it basically makes the Xbench plugin useless for us.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help you can provide!

In this StackOverflow answer there are mentions of services that interfere with net.pipe.

If you cannot find it here, please contact us and we will help you to troubleshoot.

Thanks for that pointer! Our sysadmin has checked all possibly concerned services and deactivated them, but again without success.

By the way, on a virtual test machine we don’t encounter the problem, but on all production machines (Dell) yes.

Could he get in touch with you directly for troubleshooting, or do you prefer to continue handling it here on the forum?

@Raphael_Toussaint, please ask him to contact us via http://www.xbench.net/index.php/support/submit-bug and we will troubleshoot it offline.