How to set up QA to check key terms on fuzzy segments only

I am usually assigned projects where I have to edit, revise, and/or proofread only fuzzy segments (new, 100%, ICE, and locked ones are out of scope). Sometimes, I am even asked to only QA these fuzzy segments in files that were MTPEd.
I wonder if there is a way I can set up Xbench to apply full QA to fuzzy segments only. I came across another thread where it is recommended to check the ‘Only New Segments’ option, which would include new and fuzzy ones. But it points out that checks on Key Terms will only be made on new ones. I need to verify key terms in specific glossaries for fuzzy segments exclusively.

Is there an option or a turnaround available?

Thank you in advance!

I look forward to your guidance.

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“Only New Segments” means “No matches and fuzzy matches”. Currently there is not a way to split out “No matches” and “Fuzzy Matches” which both belong to the “New segments” set.

Perhaps the % of fuzzies shown in reports can help you tell what is detected as a no match and what is detected as a fuzzy match. MTPE matches are not necessarily considered as fuzzy matches, if for example a % fuzziness is not set for them in the given tools.