Handling of repeated segments in Polyglot?

I work as a “translator” in Polyglot. When a segment is repeated, as on the screenshot below, I don’t have to type it twice because Polyglot detects the repetition (see the 2-arrow icon on segment #24).

In my environment on Xbench 3.0.0 Build 1516 64-bit Edition, the repeated segment appears as untranslated.

Please help me setup Xbench properly so that this kind of “false positive” does not show anymore.

Currently you need to confirm the propagated segment so that Xbench considers it translated.

Is there any functional (or business) loss if you confirm these segments?

Other Polyglot users mentioned they prefer to ensure propagated segments are correct in their context (gender, etc) and one way to be sure they have been validated by someone in their context is to ensure they have been confirmed.

Thank you for your answer, pcondal. I am not very skilled in Polyglot. As far as I know, I can confirm those segments without any drawback. I will try to change my habits and to confirm those segments in the future. You can close this issue.