Displaying marked issues

With ‘Show Marked’ filter Xbench often shows the marks I didn’t make at all and/or omits the ones I did. The only solution I’ve found so far is exporting a full report with both marked and unmarked issues and then delete the latter in Excel but it can be time consuming for big projects.
Is there away to fix marking issues feature so that all the marks one makes are shown?

Which Xbench build are you using? It is shown in Help->About.

Recently updated to 3.0.0 Build 1484 32-bit, but this problem was there before the update as well.

We do not seem to be able to reproduce this issue.

When you run into this issue again, could you please get these two screenshots:

  • Screenshot with filter Show All, which has your correct marks.
  • Screenshot with filter Show Marked, which has inconsistent marks compared to the other screenshot.

Then send these screenshots to Support.