XBench Tag misplaced

Hello Team,

I am using XBench “Tag Mismatch” only to find misplaced tags into the target but XBench is giving some False positive entries report due to Japanese double byte tags into the source. In fact there is no Tag misplaced issue but it is showing tag misplaced due to Japanese tags. Below is the example from XBench report. As this is not the issue I need to exclude these types of entries from XBench report.

I really need to get this sorted. Please can someone from technical team provide some guidance and support? Its really urgent if someone can help promptly.

…\split_3-ja_jp-en_us-T.mxliff (7008)

Tag Mismatch
・Cutting materials: medium and high carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, tempered steel, tool steel.
0%-Translated [1]
Origin: mt

To exclude false positives from the QA report, select the segment and press Ctrl+M to mark the issue. Then, at the QA options toolbar, select Hide Marked at the Filter Issues section.

I really appreciate your help. but the problem is there are almost more 800+ files and like these and instance from 1 file are almost more 200-300 according to the estimate. Initially I was thinking this option only but it is really time consuming and not something feasible.

Really appreciate your help but may is there something we can exclude these entries using Regular expression and Power search.