Tag ID vs. Tag Name in Trados - Only Tag ID in XBench?!

Hi there!

In Trados we can view the tags as ID or as name, but when I check the files in XBench, I see only the IDs. So I can’t search and check certain tags in the way I would like to.

Tag ID view

Tag name view


Any chance to get the tag names in XBench?

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No one from Apsic here? Oscar? Josep?

We’ll add the suggestion in our DB to consider it in a future update.

For QA purposes (not search purposes as you mention), it is a lot safer to use IDs for Studio because we’ve seen cases where the tag name matches, but the internal ID does not, and that might result in export issues when converting the sdlxliff file back to the original format (i.e. docx).

Hi Josep, you might be right for QA purposes. But as I described… you have a lot of words written with hyphen in German, but most target translations have to be written without hyphen. So we get hundreds of errors when the translator deletes the tag.

On the other hand, there are tags, that are really important not to be removed or re-placed and it would be of great help if we could search those for checking.

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