Wrong Errors displayed because of Studio2017 deleting unnecesary tags in target

The new Trados Studio 2017 does automatically delete unnecessary tags. This leads to XBench listing the same “error” in several different error categories, while in fact it is no error at all.

  1. Inconsistency in Source
  2. Numeric Mismatch
  3. Tag Mismatch

The tag is actually missing in the translation, but as there is no text in it, Trados deletes it automatically when saving the segment. Is there any possibilty to make XBench not list these as an error?

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Could you send a sample file with the issue to Support?

I also strongly recommend sending the issue to SDL as if the tag is really not necessary to the point that it is auto-deleted, Studio should probably do one of the following:

  • Not even include the extraneous tag in the source segment at file preparation time.
  • If it decides to delete the extraneous tag in target at edit time, then also delete in source for the same reasons.