Can not search tag mismatch error {1> <1} in mxliff files

Hi there,

I appreciate that Xbench has a wonderful internal Tag Mismatch rule that would check angle bracket tag mismatch (<1> </1>). But it did not take care of {1> <1} tags in a mxliff file. Furthermore, I can’t create rules to check these issues because Xbench screens these tags. How can I solve this problem?

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The following search should find all those instances with tag mismatch.

Source: "(\{[0-9]+\>)=1.*(\<[0-9]+\})=2"
Target: -@1 OR -@2
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: On.

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Hi Oscar,
Thank you for your speedy reply.
The problem, in this case, is that the Xbench has hidden the tags ("{n>" “<n}”). We just can’t search them, for instance, searching “{1>” in a mxliff file in vain.
Need your help!

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