Copy term to Source Term box keyboard combo does not work in Memsource

Dear Xbench users who use Memsource,

Has anyone experienced the issue where Ctrl+Alt+Insert will not copy the highlighted text in Memsource (both online and desktop editions) to the Source Term box in XBench 3.0? At the moment I would Ctrl+C in Memsource, and Ctrl+V in Xbench, plus switching between these two programs, so it’s several extra steps to achieve what could have easily done with Ctrl+Alt+Insert.

Is there a solution to it?

Thank you.


It seems that currently Memsource Editor and Memsource Web Editor do not work with any of the Xbench Input Transfer settings to copy the marked text to the clipboard automatically.

Also since the Ctrl+Insert is captured by Memsource to copy source to target (Ctrl+Insert is a standard long time hot key for Copy to Clipboard in Windows), you cannot use either the trick to press Ctrl+Insert and then Ctrl+Alt+Insert. It looks like a lot of keys but it’s instantaneous because you nearly do not move your fingers across the whole sequence.

So probably the best alternative (at least until Memsource does not allow to configure your key bindings) is to change this key binding in Xbench:

  1. In Xbench, choose Tools>Settings
  2. In Source Hotkey, choose Ctrl+Alt+C.
  3. Click OK.

After this change, you can use the 5-key sequence Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Alt+C, which is also nearly instantaneous to press (but perhaps not as convenient as Ctrl+Insert, Ctrl+Alt+Insert) to search instantly the marked text in Xbench.

Thank you for your input. I am not sure what you meant by “5-key sequence Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Alt+C”. Did you mean use Ctrl+C, and then Ctrl+Alt+Insert and the desired text would be auto pasted to the search term box? I tried these two steps after changing the source hotkey to Ctrl+Alt+C, but Ctrl+C & then Ctrl+Alt+C did not do anything. What did I do wrong?
On a side note, I also use Intelliwebsearch. This program uses a lot of Ctrl+Alt+xx as various hotkeys to access different websites. It could be that Ctrl+Alt+C has already been used by IWS.
Thank you again for all of your kind help.


I meant that after changing the key binding in Xbench from Ctrl+Alt+Insert to Ctrl+Alt+C, you can use this 5 key sequence: use Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+Alt+C.

However, if Ctrl+Alt+C is already used by a 3rd party application on your system, then you can use Ctrl+C followed by Ctrl+Alt+Insert, which I do not find as convenient as the other one, but it is usable.

If sometime in the future the Memsource Editors allowed to reconfigure key bindings (or did not use the Windows system key Ctrl+Insert for Copy source to target), then Ctrl+Insert followed by Ctrl+Alt+Insert would be the best option.

History Remark: The main reason for choosing Ctrl+Alt+Insert back in 1999 as the default key binding in Xbench for “Search in source” was because Ctrl+Insert meant Copy to clipboard in all Windows (and DOS and Unix) applications. The definition of Ctrl+Insert is part of the IBM Common User Access standard that currently applies to all operating systems except Mac OSX, which instead advocates for removing the Insert key from keyboards.

Thank you for the explanation!!
I was able to use Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+Alt+Insert to copy the search term to Xbench. I actually like this better because then I don’t need to change the settings in Xbench.
Thank you so much for the workaround. It works pretty well.