Concordance search only without internet search? CTRL-ALT-INSERT


I have no interest in using the internet search option in Xbench, but rather only the concordance search. I have until now occasionally had the issue that when using the CTRL-ALT-INSERT shortcut, Xbench performs an internet rather than concordance search. And now, for reasons unbenownst to me, I can’t get it to perform a concordance search at all using the shortcut, which costs me a lot of extra clicking time. Despite all my googling and combing through the Xbench manual and settings, I can’t figure out how to resolve this seemingly simple issue… Would be grateful for some assistance!

Thanks a lot!

I understand that you use a full-size keyboard with a dedicated Insert key and that you do not use a keyboard remapper.

Have you verified that in Tools->Settings->Layout & Hotkeys->Source hotkey, you have selected Ctrl+Alt+Ins?