Xbench 3.0 now supports Lingotek!

We’re happy to announce that starting with Xbench 3.0 build 1444, you can integrate Xbench with Lingotek, the cloud platform.

The new integration allows you:

  • Select one or more Lingotek tasks and download an Xbench Package (.xbpkg file extension). You can easily configure your browser to launch Xbench automatically.
  • When you find an issue in Xbench, choose Edit Segment to edit the segment right on Lingotek web editor!

We have created a 4-minute video showing how the integration works:

We hope you like this new integration!

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That’s wonderful. Any idea when we will have an integration like this with Across?

We’d love to have it, but currently it is not technically viable.

I’m afraid that you will need to contact Across so that they learn about your needs for an integration with Xbench.

Once it is technically viable, shortly after we will release an integration because CAT tool integration it is a high priority item for us.

Thanks for your attention. I’ll contact Across. For now I am enjoying the integration with Lingotek. All the best!
Um abraço,