Use of Xbench with Memsource

I use Memsource as an authorized user from one client but this is not enough, seemingly.

Is there a way to check mxliff files with Xbench? Your Connector does not seem to work for me.

Currently, the Memsource API that is needed by our Connector is available only to PM and Admin users of the Memsource Ultimate Edition.

While the Memsource API is not open to other users, what you can do is the following (ensure that you have the latest Xbench 3.0 build):

  1. Download your mxliff files to one folder in you system (you perhaps have already done that).
  2. In Windows Explorer, select the folder, right-click and choose Run QA in Xbench.

The mxlff files will be loaded in Xbench. Then when you want to edit a segment in the QA report:

  1. Select the segment in Xbench, right-click and choose Edit Source. The Memsource Editor will open right at the segment so that you can change it.
  2. Edit the segment as needed and press Ctrl+Enter as usual (ensure you are logged in to Memsource in Memsource Editor).
  3. Press Alt+Tab to return to Xbench.