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"Edit Segment" option no longer available for Memsource Editor for Desktop


I was reviewing a job in Memsource and, when I tried using “Edit Segment” option (Ctrl+E) in Xbench to go directly to the relevant segment, I got the following error message:


I am using Xbench 3.0.0 Build 1520 (64 bit) and Memsource Editor for Desktop 21.2.3 (the latest version AFAIK) on a Win 10 computer.

This issue is probably due to a change in Memsource Editor, since I remember using Edit Segment seamlessly with previous Memsource Editor versions (and with the same Xbench build).

Could you please fix this at your earliest convenience?

Kind regards,


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It seems that with build 21.2.3, command line arguments have stopped working (Xbench makes used of the --edit-segment command line switch).

We do not know when Memsource will fix it (hopefully in an upcoming build), but in the meantime you need to install an earlier build of the Memsource Editor for Desktop.

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