Copy whoel cell from Excel


When I am on an Excel cell (not INSIDE) and I hit CTRL+INS, it takes me to Xbench but it does not paste that cell, but whatever was there before.

I need to do CTRL+C before CTRL+INS to get it to copy properly…

Is there a work around?


On desktop keyboard, I personally prefer to use always the sequence Ctrl+Ins, Ctrl+Alt+Ins because even when they seem to be a lot of keys, there is nearly zero finger movement, so when you get used to it, it seems a single keystroke (strange but true).

If you wish to use Ctrl+Alt+Ins directly to copy and call Xbench, then you may want to tweak the value for Tools->Settings->Layout & Hotkeys->Transfer Method->Input so that it suits the specific application you are calling Xbench from.


Yep. I normally use CTRL+ALT+INS.

However, I tried all the input methods and I still cannot make it copy the whole content of a cell.