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Convert a key terms file into an Xbench checklist

Hi folks,

From time to time, users ask how to create a checklist out of a list of terms automatically. The usual way is to add entries one by one to a checklist.

The following application allows you to convert a text file into a checklist. The input file must be a two-column Unicode tab-delimited text file.

The application is available at this github repository. Just click the link and then the Download button to get the .exe file.

Information about the application is available at the wiki repository.

The application is provided as is. It creates a valid checklist file that can be added to your Xbench projects.



Checklists created by the app can be used in Xbench 2.9. However, the Normalize Native Chars option will not be checked as it is not available in Xbench 2.9.