Checking that if DNT target word is same as that in source

Hi Team,

I ran into a problem. I am working on a project and there are some DNT terms that do not need to be translated (No DNT term list available and whether the term needs to be translated or not is judged by a translator).
I like using software ABC should be translated into “我喜欢用软件 ABC”
But our linguists do not copy source and therefore there are many unconsisted target.
So the sentence is wrongfully translated into “我喜欢用软件ACC”.

So is there any way out? Thanks a lot!

Hi Aurora,
how should a rule work when there is no rule? As you say, “whether the term needs to be translated or not is judged by a translator”?

Best regards

Hi Aurora,

If you have a list of non-translatable terms, this post may interest you.


Hi Oscar,

Thanks for you reply, the thing is that I don’t have a DNT list, the translator has to decide whether to translate the term or not on their own discretion.

The general rule:
DNT: Software name/Company name/etc.
But DNT list for these terms is not available. :rofl:

You can check if a word followed by the trademark symbol or registered trademark symbol has been translated.

Source: [™®] "(<[:alphanum:]+[™®])=1""
Target: -@1

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