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Xbench to find/replace in multiple Word files?

I translate repetitive documents and I have improved the translation of a recurring sentence. I have about 142 files where to search, find and replace this recurring expression. Can Xbench help me do this automatically?


Depending on the CAT tool, you may be able to search and replace in all files at the same time.

For instance, memoQ allows to create a view of all your files. Then do the following:

  1. Export the view as mqxlz file.
  2. Add the file to the Xbench project as ongoing translation.

When running QA, select a segment and press Ctrl+E. Fix the offending issue in memoQ and confirm the segment. If propagation is enabled, you can also fix all repetitions at once.

Trados Studio works in a similar way. In Studio, select all files and right-click Open. Then add your files to the Xbench project.