Where is my license key?

I bought Xbench a couple of days ago.

As I had it already installed on my computer, after the expiration of my trial period, the program worked as soon as I had bought it. It worked again perfectly.

The thing is that I would also need to install it on my laptop, but I can’t find the license key anywhere. What can I do?

Also, will my period of one year be divided by 2 if I install it on another device, but I am still the user?

There is no such thing as a license key in Xbench. Your email and password are your license.

You can use Xbench 3.0 in any computer with your Xbench credentials, which you already created when you signed up for your trial. However, the Xbench license only entitles you to one active Xbench instance at any time. So you can work on any of your two computers, but just not at the same time.

The period of time is not divided by 2 even though you use Xbench 3.0 on two computers alternatively with the same email address.

However, if you enter the Xbench Control Panel and add an additional user (for example for a colleague helping you in a project), your subscription time will be spent twice as fast until you remove her again from the Control Panel.

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