Is there an Academic License?

I am teaching a number of language technology related classes at the BA and MA level at University.

For our advanced language technology class in the MA program, I would like to introduce TM Maintenance as well as Quality assurance as topics in the upcoming semester.

I was wondering whether there were any special conditions for using XBench 3.0 in an educational setting. We will probably have about 30 students in the class and the class will last from September to the end of December.

We have the Academic Program described here, which features two discounts:

  • A 50% because it has a 2x1 promotion
  • An indirect volume discount by a “dormant user” effect that Domain Mode licenses have.

With it, basically what you would do is the following:

  1. Buy 10 years normally at our web store.
  2. If you qualify as an University, we add 10 years more to your account, making it 20 years.
  3. When the students need Xbench, you add their emails to your Xbench Control Panel. It is best that the students use the University domain email address because you can benefit from the dormant user effect that reduces costs when students are inactive.
  4. When the students won’t need Xbench any more, remove them from the Control Panel.