License for large team

We need +/- 38 licenses for 3 or more years. Is there another type of license that we can use? The investment is too big for the use that we need.

If your users belong all to the same email domain, we would strongly recommend you to use a domain license (Xbench domain licenses are explained here in detail:

The main advantage of domain licenses is that users that have been inactive for a week (checked each Monday morning), become dormant users and stop paying for the license until they reappear. This produces significat savings when users go in vacation, change roles, take a sick leave or when only need Xbench from time to time.

Our recommendation is that you purchase initially 10 subscription years to qualify for Domain Mode (it requires a history of 10 years purchased), and then put your account in Full Domain Mode for your email domain.

In this license mode, each Monday you will receive a report with the automatic user additions and removals and will have a sense of the usage as to be able to project future cost.

The main advantages of the Full Domain Mode are:

  • You will not need to actively manage users (near zero user administration). Users with your email domain will appear when they use Xbench and disappear when they don’t. You can still block specific users if you need so.
  • Everyone with an email address of your domain will be able to use it (i.e. similar to a site license)
  • Your license costs will be aligned with your team’s actual usage.

If you have a lot of avid users, you will pay more (but at the same time you will benefit more from the application) and if you have just a few avid users and another set of occasional users, you will pay less (i.e. you will mostly pay for the avid users).

To put your account in Full Domain Mode, you just need to write us requesting the license change after your purchase. There is no additional cost (in fact, it is an indirect volume discount for large teams).