Licensing for 2 users

I have a question about licensing for two users.

We bought a subscription of 2 years for Xbench 3.0 and we would like to use this subscription for two users.

Is it possible to share one authorized user, that I would create in the control panel, with two users of our company?

Could both users work at the same time with the same credentials?

You can authorize as many users as needed in your Control Panel. Please note that you do not create users in the Control Panel, you just authorize them. Users create themselves by signing up for Xbench, which they can do by clicking Sign Up in the Sign In dialog that appears when they first launch Xbench.

So if you need two users now, you can authorize them. If tomorrow you determine that you need only one user, you can remove the extra user and, if the day past tomorrow you need five, you can go ahead and authorize them. You will notice that your end of subscription changes each time you change the number of authorized users in your Control Panel.

Xbench can be installed on as many computers as you wish, but the Xbench license only allows running one instance at the same time with the same credentials. So if you think that your two users might need Xbench at the same time, it is best to authorize them both in the Control Panel to ensure compliance with the license.

If your Xbench user base grows over time, just keep in mind that there are Domain Mode licenses, explained here. Especially with larger groups, Domain Mode licenses typically translate in an indirect volume discount (on average 30%) and also in near-zero user administration.