Is the purchase automatic after the Xbench trial?

I downloaded Xbench for trial about 30 days ago (22/01/16) so it’s about to expire.

I won’t be buying it now, so I want to be sure that the purchase is not automatic and I don’t need to do anything.

Please confirm as I don’t want any surprises.

Since our 30-day trial is for 30 days of actual use (not 30 calendar days) and you only used Xbench during 2 days so far, you still have 28 days of your trial left.

We want that prospective customers can evaluate Xbench at their own pace (even when sometimes it may take them many months or even years). So your trial is not expiring any time soon, please feel free to continue evaluating Xbench when you have the time or the opportunity to do so.

Also, we will not bill you when your trial ends. You have to expressly purchase your subscription. In fact, even if you decide to eventually purchase a subscription, you will need to expressly purchase your renewals as they are not charged automatically either.