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Xbench 3.0 trial questions

I’ve read that the 30-day trial is the days used rather than calendar days. Is that still the same? In that case, if I keep Xbench 3.0 opened without using it, will it count as days used, or is the day counted only after searching a term or performing QA?

If I roll back to 2.9 during the 3.0 trial for evaluation purposes, will the counting resume when I reinstall 3.0?

Yes, the Xbench trial is for 30 days of actual use, not 30 calendar days so that you can evaluate Xbench at your own pace.

We’re not sure what happens with regards if you leave Xbench open without using it for one or more days, we have not really tested this scenario. If you are concerned about trial days being consumed by leaving it open, we recommend that you shutdown Xbench when you will not use it anymore.

If you uninstall Xbench 3.0 (regardless of if you uninstall Xbench 2.9 or not) and later install Xbench 3.0 again, they trial countdown will be resumed at the point you left it.

Thank you for your reply!