Units of measurement mismatch

Hello! I was wondering if there is a check for the units of measurement mismatch, for ex. if it was “5 kg” in source, and “5 g” in target, the same for m, cm, mm… will Xbench spot that? Thank you.

It is not available as a standard check.

However, it can be implemented in a checklist with regular expressions, possibly tailored for the particular language pair because some languages need to have a space between the number and the UoM and other languages prefer to have no space between the number and the UoM. Also some clients/style guides or formats prefer to that the space between the number and the UoM is a non-breakable space.

So in your case, presuming the two languages/style guide prefer to have a regular space between the digit and the UoM, a checklist entry for the unit kg could be:

Source: "([0-9])=1 kg"
Target: -"@1 kg"
Powersearch: On
Seach Mode: Regular Expression
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Thank you for your answer!