Alphanumeric mismatch check ignores certain letters


Alphanumeric mismatch check doesn’t catch letter case mismatches with some particular letters (see screenshot below, I marked the mismatches left unnoticed by the check red).

It does catch such mismatches with some other letters though (this is where I wanted to add another screenshot, but the website wouldn’t let me, so I’ll add it in the comments).

The check might have stopped working properly after the changes suggested in this topic were introduced.

Such letters as “a”, “v”, “w”, “m”, “g” (and others which could be used as units of measure) were probably included in the list of false-positive-triggering units.

And it doesn’t catch spacing issues either, probably for the same reason (I’ll add screenshot in the comments).

Is it possible to fix this somehow? Perhaps the whole units-of-measure-ignoring feature could be made optional, not default.

Thanks a lot!

One of the screenshots I couldn’t attach to the post.

…and another one.

…anybody? The check obviously doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to do.