Alphanumeric check — lots of false positives


as seen below, alphanumeric mismatch check introduces an awful lot of false positives, which makes this control virtually useless to me. I understand that this may be difficult to avoid algorihmically, but maybe something like a whitelist would do…?


The issue is caused by a wrong decision to include the dash as part of an alphanumeric word. The idea was to make the Alphanumeric Check find issues such as BW54A-A in source and BW54A-B in target, which was not detected by the previous algorithm.

As I said, the decision to include the dash was wrong because some language include dashes intensively in regular words, so it will be reverted in next Xbench update.

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Do you think you could also add skipping checks when the „alpha” part of alphanumeric string strongly indicates that this is a value of something and the unit, like 30Hz? I’ll always be getting lot of false positives here, because Polish requires me to insert a space between the number and the unit.

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We try to avoid false positives with a few UoM, but it seems that we forgot to include Hz as a UoM. We’ve now included it and should be fixed in the next Xbench update, thank you for reporting it.

I’m also getting false positives for “x” used as a multiplication sign, e.g. Frame, 10x mini rollers and tray (280 x 150 x 55mm, sometimes together with other UoMs, e.g. 20mm; 2x30mm; 40mm; 50mm Round

This is also a false positive for target, for Polish:

Alphanumeric Mismatch Target (4-CZĘŚCIOWY)
Diall Fine Finish 4 Piece Mini Roller Set

— it’s a typical way to write that sth consists of a number of pieces/elements.

And another false-positive-triggering unit: V.

Alphanumeric Mismatch Source (24V)
Shurflo 12/24v Diaphragm Pumps 45
Pompy membranowe Shurflo 12/24 V 45

And another:

Alphanumeric Mismatch Source (8KPH)

And a few more:

11: Alphanumeric Mismatch
Source: 6-DIGIT
Target: 6-CYFROWY

11: Alphanumeric Mismatch
Source: 32-BIT
Target: 32-BITOWY

11: Alphanumeric Mismatch
Source: 64-BIT
Target: 64-BITOWĄ

Alphanumeric Mismatch Source (4GHZ)
On the left side of the router screen, click Wi-Fi 2.4GHz.
Po lewej stronie ekranu routera kliknij opcję Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz.

Alphanumeric Mismatch Source (24X7)
For help with the renewal process, call (866) 622-3911 (available 24x7).
Pomoc dotyczącą odnawiania subskrypcji można uzyskać pod numerem telefonu(866) 622-3911 (dostępny całą dobę, 7 dni w tygodniu).

Alphanumeric Mismatch Source (8-CHARACTER) Target (8-ZNAKOWE)
An 8-character password
8-znakowe hasło

And another:

Alphanumeric Mismatch Source (160MBPS)
High speed 160Mbps file sharing
Duża prędkość udostępniania plików wynosząca 160 Mb/s

And two more:

Alphanumeric Mismatch Source (24VDC)
Rated switching 24VDC, 0.5A
Moc przy przełączaniu 24 V DC, 0,5 A

Alphanumeric Mismatch Source (5VDC)
Minimum switching 5VDC, 1mA
Min. zakres przełączania 5 V DC, 1 mA

And some more:

Alphanumeric Mismatch Source (8-INCH)
If your Mac has an audio input, you can use a 1/8-inch stereo mini plug.
Jeśli Twój Mac zawiera wejście audio, możesz użyć miniwtyczki stereo 1/8 cala.

Alphanumeric Mismatch Source (5-SPEAKER)
If surround sound content plays on only two speakers of a 5-speaker (or more) surround sound setup, it may indicate a configuration problem with the speakers, or the application being used to play the content on the Mac doesn’t support surround sound output.

Jeśli dźwięk przestrzenny jest odtwarzany tylko na dwóch z pięciu (lub większej liczby) głośników w konfiguracji dźwięku przestrzennego, może to wskazywać na problem z konfiguracją głośników albo na brak obsługi wyjścia dźwięku przestrzennego przez aplikację używaną do odtwarzania zawartości na komputerze Mac.

Alphanumeric Mismatch Source (5TH)
You can use Slide Over with iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation), iPad Air and later, or iPad mini 2 and later.
Funkcji Slide Over można używać na iPadzie Pro, iPadzie (5. generacji) iPadzie Air lub nowszym oraz iPadzie mini 2 lub nowszym.

I still keep getting lots of f.p. within alphanumeric mismatch for English ordinal numbers, like 1st, 2nd etc. Would it be possible to eliminate those from the check too?