Problem with creating an Xbench report for Trad. Chinese tbulic

I have just created a report for Simplified Chinese tbulic, and at the step “Choose Target Language” it was written “zh-tw”. The Xbench report was created. When I started to create a report for Traditional Chinese, the target language window was empty. It is impossible to create a report. Please, see the snipshot attached. Is there a solution? Thank you!

In order to reproduce it, would it be possible to receive via our Support page the following files?

  • The Simplified Chinese tbulic file that lists zh-tw as the target language
  • The Traditional Chinese tbulic file that does not list any language as target language

When you contact us, please also indicate the Passolo Translator version and build number that you are currently using.

Thanks for your reply! This issue is sorted now, it was our internal problem with language codes inside the bundle))) sorry for false alarm