Polyglot extensions causes Chrome browser to crash when poor internet connection

Google Chrome browser 84.0.4147.135 on Windows 10 (64 bits). 8GB RAM
ApSIC Xbench Extension for Polyglot 1.0.16
My internet connection is very slow, which is probably the reason why this issue arises.
The Polyglot project contains about 80 files. On download, file tabs and download processes piles up. This causes Chrome browser to crash.
Current workaround: Select manually 40 files in the project, in order to split the job into 2 batches.
Is there any way to set a 6s timer between each file download start?

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If you use an alternative Chromium-based browser, such as Chromium itself or Microsoft Edge, does that alternative browser also crash?

Test with Chromium Windows x64 version 87.0.4252.0 + ApSIC Xbench Extension for Polyglot 1.0.16
Chromium crashes. Chromium was using about 1.3 giga bytes of RAM when it crashes (There was still some available RAM on the computer). The tab bar is full of small tabs displaying with a circling icon. The crash process itself is quite silent : Chromium CPU usage drops to 0 and then the process disappears. When the crash occurred, only 6 xbpol files had been completely downloaded in the download folder of the browser.

Chrome screenshot corresponding to β€œThe tab bar is full of small tabs displaying with a circling icon.”

Hi bernard,

I have been suffering from the very similar issue you had. Did you figure out how to fix this? I 've even contacted support team but they could not help either.