New Xbench Chrome Extension for Google Translator Toolkit (GTT)

With the release last week of support for Google Translator Toolkit (GTT) in our Xbench Chrome Extension, we immediately received two feature requests:

  • Include several GTT documents in the same Xbench QA session, not just the current one
  • Use Edit Source (Ctrl+E) in Xbench to go right at the segment in GTT

We’re happy to announce that we are now releasing a new GTT-specific Chrome Extension with exactly these features, the new ApSIC Xbench Entension for GTT.

This is how it works:

  1. Go to the Google Translator Toolkit list of documents and select the documents you want to include in your QA.

  2. Click the Xbench for GTT extension icon, next to the address bar.

The extension will automatically download the documents and also a .xbp file. Just double-click the file to open your GTT documents in Xbench.

If you wish to skip the double-click and launch Xbench automatically, you can also choose Always open files of this type for the .xbp file.

And now comes the best part! If you find a translation issue, just select it in Xbench and press Ctrl+E. Chrome will automagically open the GTT document and show you the segment so that you can edit it and fix it. To get this funcionality, you need to download Xbench 3.0 build 1370.

We hope you enjoy using this new Xbench Chrome extension. As usual, if you find any issues or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hi there,
GTT projects are normally html files, not the classic offline CAT-tool bilingual files. I thought this extension would somehow make them bilingual for Xbench to be able to QA them, and that’s why I started using v3.0, but I got this message when clicking “Check Ongoing Translation” on my first project: “There are no bilingual segments to QA in the files or directories selected”.

Am I missing something? Could you please help?


Please note that the standard ApSIC Xbench Extension does work with this GTT file. Does this mean that the specific extension for GTT only works with several files? Thanks!

The Xbench GTT-specific Chrome Extension for GTT does basically two things:

  • Allow you to select more than one file and download (and optionally automatically launch) an Xbench project will all documents selected in GTT
  • Allow you to use Edit Source (Control+E) from Xbench to go the segment in question.

The general Xbench Chrome Extension, allows you to open in Xbench only the GTT document that you are currently editing.

For GTT users it is recommended to install both extension, so that you get all functionality.

In your case, does the issue happen when you only select one single document from the list of GTT documents?