New Chrome Extension: One Tab per Job for Matecat

To further improve the experience of the new Matecat integration, we’ve created yet another Chrome Extension: One Tab per Job for Matecat.

We noticed that each time you choose Edit Source or press Ctrl+E from Xbench to edit a Matecat segment, a new Chrome tab is created.

It does not seem to be a big deal because, after all, you can easily remove the extra tab after you finished editing the segment, but we found that it was distracting and a bad experience.

Also, when you already have 5 or 6 Matecat tabs open, Matecat would appear to hang until you removed one of the previous tabs in order to free connections to the Matecat Server (i.e. connections are throttled).

This is where this extension comes to rescue: right before creating a new Chrome tab, it looks first if the Matecat job is already open in another tab. If so, it reuses it.

The One Tab per Job extension can be dowloaded from here, and it is open sourced in Github.

This extension requires the “Read your browsing history” because to open the right Matecat job tab, it must find it among all opened tabs. The code that requires the “tabs” permission is precisely this one.