BETA: Xbench 3.0 build 1350 adds seamless integration with Matecat!

We’re happy to announce that, starting with ApSIC Xbench 3.0 build 1350, support for Matecat has been added!

Now you can very easily run QA with Xbench on a Matecat job with these steps:

In Matecat:

  1.   Open the editor for the Matecat job in _Translate_ or _Revise_ mode and copy the URL with the editor open.

In Xbench:

  1.   Choose **Project>New**.
  2.   Click **Add**.
  3.   Click **Matecat Job**.
  4.   Click **Next**.
  5.   Paste the URL copied in Matecat and click **OK** and then **OK** again.

The Matecat job automagically loads in Xbench, and you can QA or search its translated segments.

And now comes the best part. When you find an issue that you want to edit in Matecat, select it and press Ctrl+E (or right-click and choose Edit Source).

Chrome will open the Matecat online editor right at the segment. Once you are done with your edit, you can return to Xbench with Alt+Tab and continue your QA.

NOTE: Chrome must be your default browser for Edit Source to work nicely.

Once you have edited a few segments and you are ready to run a QA regression, just press F5 in Xbench and the Matecat job will be refreshed with the latest changes.

We find this seamless integration between Xbench and Matecat very, very cool, we hope you like it, too!

…One More Thing

To further streamline the whole experience, we’ve created a Chrome Extension!

It allows you to load your Matecat job in Xbench with just two clicks while you are at the Matecat editor – or even with only one click if you choose Always open files of this type in Chrome for the .xbp extension.

The Xbench Chrome Extension can be downloaded here. We hope you like it!

How to report issues during BETA

To report issues during BETA – especially if they involve sharing a Matecat link to reproduce – please Contact Support.

FINAL TIP (AND THE ICING ON THE CAKE): To improve even more the experience, check out New Chrome Extension: One Tab per Job for Matecat.