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How to know how many files are added to Project Properties?

Hello dear team,

Is there have a way to check how many files are added to Project Properties?
I can’t find the numbers in Xbench.
If I add over 50 files to Project Properties, I am afraid that some files might be missed or failed.

If not, would it be a feature that could possibly be developed in the future?
Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,

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I would recommend you to install the 64-bit version of Xbench 3.0. In this way, you can add all files you need to your project.

If there is any error or missing file when loading your Xbench, a message is displayed below menu (at the loading progress bar section).

Go to View > Project to check if there is an issue with any file. In this tab, all information related to the files in the project is displayed: priority, number of segments. If there is any issue, the error is displayed in red.

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It sounds like you want a count of how many files have been added to a project’s properties, correct?

I looked hard for this feature as well, but couldn’t find it. The closest thing it seems we have is the project list shown via the “View - Project” menu. This list is easier to view than the project properties dialog, but it doesn’t give you a count, unfortunately. It would be nice to see a count of all the items that are in the project properties list, shown on the status bar.

There is a workaround that could help, though. The Xbench profiles are just XML files. You can actually open up your Xbench profile (.xbp file) in Notepad or other text editor. Search for the “ident” tag. If you have a lot of files, you may have to scroll a while. This appears to be the ID number of the file, starting at 0. (Glossaries and non-glossary files are listed separately, and have their own identity counts.) So, if you have 49 files added to your project, the highest should be 48 in this case.

That said, if you want a tabular view of your files in Excel, try these simple steps:

  1. Copy and paste (duplicate) your .xbp profile file in Explorer.
  2. Rename the extension to .XML
  3. Open with Excel. Excel should give you a tabulated list. Your files and glossaries will be listed under the “/project/glossarylist/glossary/filename” column.

From there, it should be easy enough to select and get an automatic count of the files and contents of your Xbench profile/project then :slight_smile:

Anyway, the count of number of files in properties seems like a pretty basic feature… wonder if the developer might like to implement it in an upcoming build?


Please note that you can add either files or directories. For instance, if you add a directory of memoQ files, it is only one “entry” in the project, but it may add hundreds of files (all files in the directory and its subdirectories).

…all the more reason to want a baked-in file count feature in the app :wink:

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Dear all,

Thanks for the help!
It helps a lot.

By the way, I really want Xbench implement it in an upcoming build.