Adding remote files - availability status: sync pending

Hello, now that I am working from home I need to add some files to my XBench 2.9 project that are stored on my work OneDrive. I have access to my work OneDrive from my laptop (Windows 10) and it is synced to the latest files and folders, which I can view and access just fine. The icon at the bottom right of my status bar says “Up to date.” However, when I navigate via the XBench file manager to associate those files to my Xbench project, I can only see some of the folders and the status shows as “sync pending.”

The files I am trying to associate are plain vanilla tab-delimited txt and xbckl (but this is irrelevant, given that I can’t even see the folders they are in).

I suppose the XBench file manager is stuck displaying some old version of my work OneDrive. How can I force it to refresh?


You could try copying the file locally, and use the local copy instead.

@IzaO, I understand that you refer to files to be loaded in Project->Properties.

If you drag & drop them to the Project Properties file list (instead of clicking Add), are they added normally to the project?

Thank you, yes, that works!