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Expansion/reduction check

I would like to ask whether it is possible in XBench to check target segment for expansion/reduction compared to the source.

What exactly do I mean, see example below:

Is there a way to check for targets that are longer or shorter than relevant source segments by certain percentage? For example, I would need XBench to report all targets, that are 180% longer than the source (so if source has 100 characters and target more than 180 character, it will be reported). Same for the reduction - if target is just 30% (or other value) of the source length, I need them to be reported.

Could you let me know if XBench has such function, or whether it is doable using some Regular Expressions?

Currently, this can only be done with a QA plugin.

In our Github account there is sample code for that in C++ and Delphi.

One of the examples does precisely what you suggest with the growth rates according to segment length (i.e. shorter segments are a lot more prone to grow a lot than longer segments).

The reason we never added it so far as a standard check is that our experimentation has shown that it produces a lot more false positives than intuition might suggest even with ample ranges.

Thank you very much for your reply. I will check the QA plugin you mention. It’s quite pity this is not in Xbench as “an optional check”. We are using this feature in QA Distiller as part of our procedures. It is truth that 99% of times the reported errors are false positives, but it “saved our lives” few times already, so I think such feature would be worthy.

This would be a very useful feature. I found the samples you have mentioned, however, I don’t know how to install it. I have downloaded the C++ code files but there are not DLLs that come with it. Can someone help me please with installing that sample QA plugin.