Creation date/change date and user ID of a TU not shown for TMX files

When comparing the same TU in a TM export in .txt format with .tmx format, there is less information displayed for the TU from the .tmx export. In the actual export files, the information is identical however:

Creation and Change user ID and Creation and Change time stamp aren’t shown when working with .tmx files. This information is however often critical to be able to make decisions which TUs to delete or which TUs to trust.

Is this a bug, and if yes, could it be fixed in a future release? Or am I missing something here?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help or feedback!

It would be great if you could submit a bug with a sample input (original TM file) file and the corresponding TMX export to our Contact Support so that we can investigate it further.

Thanks for your feedback!

For confidentiality reasons towards our clients, I would have to check this with my manager.

What I can already tell you is that it concerns all our .tmx exports, which are made from Trados 2007 TMs, and I am talking about dozens of .tmx files I have already worked with.

Just to be sure, I also checked a .tmx export of a native SDL Trados Studio 2011 TM, same behaviour.

@Raphael_Toussaint, we do not seem to be able to reproduce (with build 1340). For example, this TMX fragment:

Appears like this in the details pane:

So it seems that the creationdate and creationid attributes are honored.

Would it be possible for you to create a dummy TMX with the issue and send it to support?

Here might lie the problem: I thought we were using the latest version, but it seems we are still on build 1299.

I’ll see with our IT department if they can update to the latest version and check if this solves the problem. If not, I’ll provide a dummy .tmx which shows the issue at our side.

Alright, we updated Xbench to the latest build and creation/change user ID/date are correctly displayed now.

Thanks anyway for your time and sorry for the bother!