Exporting Items from TMX file

I ran a query on a TMX file to show inconsistencies in target. Now, I would like to export the queried items into a different TMX file. However, under “Export Items” the radio button “Displayed items” is greyed out. Can anyone explain why this is the case and how it can be fixed?


Displayed items is only available when Search is the active tab. Just click on the Search tab and press Ctrl+Q to export search results.


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Thank you for trying to help me but you misunderstood my question. Ctrl+Q only saves the query results to Excel etc.

I would like to export the filtered results to TMX using the Export Items window and the Displayed items radio button.

Just go to the Search tab, run your search. Go to Tools > Export Items to export the displayed items at the Search tab to a TMX file.

You can also export search results if you right-click and select Export Search Results or press Ctrl+Q at the Search tab.

Thanks, I understand what you mean now. However, I would like to do something completely different. I would like to filter the TMX database for “Inconsistency in Target” and export only these entries into a separate TMX database. Is this possible?

QA results cannot be exported to TMX.

  1. As a workaround, export QA results to Excel.
  2. Open the Excel file and copy the source and target (column C and C) to a new file and save that file as Unicode text.
  3. Add that .txt file to a new Xbench project and go to Tools > Export Items to export to TMX.

Thank you very much for this workaround. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me because I need more than just the source and target field. The only thing that would work for me is to export the query results to TMX. Olifant does offer this functionality. The perfect tool for me would be a combination of Xbench and Olifant.

Thanks for your help!