TM maintenance question

My current project is to clean up TM with many inconsistencies. The problem is that for some reason many of the segments have lots of tags. The TM is German > English and for some reason every umlaut or other special German character in the source segments are preceded and followed by a tag.

I can deal with this all right in MemoQ. Ideally I would like to make the TM a side by side Excel file with tags that I can import into memoQ and then edit like normal project file, and then make a clean TM this file.

I have been able to export from Xbench very nicely into an Excel file. However there are no tags, or at least I do not see them.

My question is - I need the tags (not however the tags preceding and following the special characters, since we do not use them in English) to end up with a good TM.

So what happened to the tags? Can I get them back by importing the Excel file back into Xbench when I am done?

Or is there a way to do all my maintenance work in Xbench and keep the desirable tags intact, and then end up with a clean TM that can be exported as an tmx file?

I thank you for your help. I am using the trial version of Xbench but my first impression is that I need this tool. I translate more than 2,000,000 words a year and I have been doing this for 15 years.

Please note that Xbench is a browser (not a TM editor) so some tags might be simplified or in some cases, even removed, to make them more readable or for other reasons.

In particular, you cannot expect 100% roundtrip export-import for segments exported from Xbench with tags.

memoQ claims to be able to edit TMX files If you have the TM file in TMX format, one option that you have is to create a new project and import the TMX file as a document. After it is imported, you can export the document as mqxlz and QA it in Xbench normally as shown in this video.

Please note that for the above procedure to be feasible, you must trust memoQ as a TMX file editor. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you test thoroughly that the export from memoQ works well and that it does not damage the exported TMX file, before engaging in significant editing work.

Finally, to lear a bit more about XBench, we recommend watching the various 5-minute videos on our YouTube Channel, in particular the Getting Started Playlist.