Can a segment have multiple paragraphs?

I converted an Excel spreadsheet to tab delimited text file and imported it into xbench. The worksheet contains cells with multiple paragraphs. When imported into xbench, the segments with line breaks got corrupted. Does xbench support segments having multiple paragraphs?


Xbench 3.0 supports .xlsx Excel files. Just save your file as .xlsx before adding to Xbench.

As an alternative, line breaks inside Excel cells can be removed as explained in the following article. Then, you can save and add the tab-delimited text file to your Xbench project.


Hi Oscar,
Thanks for the reply!

  1. I have 3.0 on my machine, but did not see .xlsx as an addable file type. The online documentation does not mention excel support, either. Can you give more details about how to add .xlsx to xbench?
  2. thanks for the alternative. But that would mean you will see only one paragraph in xbench while they are multiple paragraphs originally in excel. It is a pity that the paragraphing is lost in xbench.
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Excel 2007-2016 files can be loaded as tab-delimited text files. However, multiple paragraphs are lost in Xbench.