Addendum linked to projects?


Shouldn’t Spelling Addendum be linked to projects? It seems that current behaviour is that the last addendum selected is the one that keeps coming back no matter the project opened.



The spell-checking addendums are available to all projects. They are not bound to a given project. However, you can always choose which addendums should apply for the next spell-checking pass.

The addendums used in a given pass are the ones last selected in Addendums->Manage Addendums.

You can create as many addendums as you wish, one per project if feasible/manageable.

Thanks, Josep!

Yes, that is how I understand them. However, it may not be very “useful”. I normally create addendums per client (and projects per client so I can use all client-related references as in a template). My problem is that every time I run a QA for a client I need to make sure that the “client” addendum is selected.

It may only be me but in my head Addendums are project-related (client-related) so it would be good for me that when I open client XYZ.xbp the tool would remember my specific addendum for that client.