Idea: blacklist for spellchecker


I just thought that it would be very handy if Xbench recorded every misspelled word that I selected as such, i.e. moved to the right pane in the spellchecking window. This way, after a few projects, I would already have a pre-filled list of words with spelling mistakes and less to go through one by one.

What do you think? Simple and efficient!

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Has this been seen by anyone from Apsic? :slight_smile:

We have mixed feelings about this idea.

As a rule of thumb, we want to avoid adding UI items or special modes except for high impact features, because each UI item you add, also adds complexity to the product, especially for new or casual users.

We decided that if we were to implemente it, it would have to be UI-less, that is, it must become the default behavior for all users in all languages.

We also noticed that it only has effect for the exact same typo with same user on the same machine. Some typos are recurrent but often it is for typos that survive an spell-check, so we are under the impression that recurring typos rather are material for checklists.

We also weighed in the fact that in some languages there are clients who prefer certain misspelled words (for example foreign words, such as “driver”) and clients who not want to see foreing words. This means that “driver” would be a misspelling for one client and would not be a misspelling for another client. Also some languages have norms that change or coexist, and some clients want to stick to old forms, and some to the new. We were concerned about customers complaining them that they want the old behaviour where they can confirm on a per client basis if that word is a misspelling or not.

After all the above weighed in, we made the decision not to implement it, although it does not mean that we might change mind in the future, implement it and see what happens.