Xbench plugin now also supports SDL Trados Studio 2019

It is our pleasure to announce that we’ve added support for SDL Trados Studio 2019 to the Xbench plugin for Studio.

So now you can use the plugin for Studio 2014, Studio 2015, Studio 2017, and Studio 2019.

You can download the latest installer with support for Studio 2019 from our Download page.

If you run into any issues or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you for the announcement. Aside from support for Studio 2019, has there been any improvement in the plugin or those who still use previous versions of Studio can stick to the previous version of the plugin?

Thank you,


The functionality for Studio 2019 is the same as in the plugins for previous versions.

The main change is that the installer now adds a plugin specific for Studio 2019, along with the plugins that were previously installed for other Studio versions.

In our setup, each version of Studio will actually run a different plugin file even when the functionality is apparently the same. Therefore, as to avoid issues, it is important to always use the official plugin installer and not other alternative plugin installation methods.

Great. Good to know. Thank you for your fast anwser!