Cannot install Xbench plugin on SDL Trados Studio 2015

I have Studio 2011 and Studio 2015 SR-2 installed on my system.

When I try to install the Xbench plugin for Studio, I get the following error message:

Does the Xbench plugin support Studio 2015?

If you don’t have already installed SDL Trados Studio 2014 or SDL Trados Studio 2015 on your system and the very first version that you install is SDL Trados 2015 SR-2, you need to download the latest installer for the Xbench pluguin for Studio.

The installer .zip name should end with “”:

Conversely, if on another system you already had Studio 2014 or 2015 and the Xbench plugin installed, the plugin will continue to work normally after you upgrade to SDL Trados Studio 2015 SR-2 (i.e. you do not need to reinstall anything).