REGEX: Is there a way to use lookaround in Apsic and if not is there a way to achieve the same result?


I would need to have an expression that would work just like the following one using negative lookahead (as far as I’m aware Apsic doesn’t support lookaround regexes):


So I need to match terms that start with ‘ne’ but then doesn’t allow ‘ke’, while everything else is fine (neod…, neto… etc.)

Is there any way? Or maybe it would be possible to add lookarounds in future versions?

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Hi Kacper,

You could use the following search:

Source or target term: -"<ne[:letter:]+>" -"<neke"
Search mode: Regular expressions.
Powersearch: on.


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Hi Martin!

Thank you! Yes, I know that there is a possibility to exclude term like this, but I was hoping there is another one, as this in fact excludes not only the term, but the whole segment containing the term. So whenever I have the sentence with both “neke” and another term that I would like to be flagged (starting with “ne…”), the whole segment won’t be flagged.

But it seems this is the best of possible options, thank you!

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I suppose this will do the trick: <ne([^k]|k[^e])


Yes, it works! Brilliant! Thanks! Sorry for late answer but I’ve only now spotted your answer. :slight_smile: